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Does your company qualify for an L-1 blanket visa?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2023 | Employment Immigration Visas

Generally, visas apply to an individual, even if they are spouses or dependents moving with family to the United States. There are individual L-1 visas for individuals coming to the United States to work at the U.S. branch of an international company. Still, some companies need to move employees around on short notice rather than wait months for the individual application process.

In cases like these, companies can get L-1 Blanket Visas for nonimmigrant intracompany transferees (executives, managers, or specialized knowledge professionals) using a previously approved blanket L petition, which involves a single application for several different workers to come and go.

How it works

Once the USCIS approves the Blanket L-1, companies can transfer staff to the U.S. without waiting months for approval. Instead, they use a copy of the approved Blanket L-1 and add an I-129S and other necessary documents for the transfer.

Which companies qualify?

Companies who qualify for an L-1 Blanket visa must meet the following conditions, although meeting these qualifications is no guarantee of approval:

  • The company had at least 10 L-1 visas approved by the USCIS during the previous year.
  • The company has at least 1,000 employees globally with at least three branches, affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • The company is currently an active employer in the United States and at least one other country.
  • The local branch opened over one year prior to the blanket application.
  • The U.S. affiliates or subsidiaries have a minimum of $25 million in yearly sales.
  • The transferred employees must meet all individual L-1 requirements.

The company need not engage in international trade but must conduct regular business with regular, systemic and continuous manufacturing of commercial goods or services in the U.S. and abroad. Blanket visas can last up to three years with the possibility of two two-year extensions (for a total of seven years).

Let professionals handle the application process

As international businesses count on their L-1 employee’s unique skills, companies can also rely upon immigration law attorneys who handle L-1 and other work visa matters.