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Paths To Employment-Based Green Cards

The term “Employment-Based Green Card” usually refers to a U.S. based employer sponsoring an employee for legal permanent residence in the United States so that they can work permanently for that employer. (The “Green Card” is the physical card you are given to demonstrate your legal permanent residence in the United States). While most employment-based permanent residence is done through this traditional employer sponsorship method, the term can also encompass other types of cases where a candidate is sponsoring themselves without the need for an employer such as: National Interest Waivers, Extraordinary Ability Petitions, and investment based options.

Varieties Of Employment-Based And Investment-Based Visas And Green Cards

Fok Immigration Law advises both American companies and foreign workers and investors who meet the criteria necessary to get employment-based green cards for these employees or job-creators. We provide the support that they seek when pursuing employment-based green cards through the following immigration visas and pathways:

Personalized Information For Employees, Employers And Aspiring Immigrant Investors

Fok Immigration Law welcomes the chance to advise employers and employees regarding permanent employment-based visas that lead directly to permanent residency opportunities.

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