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Let Us Be Your “In-House” Immigration Counsel

Fok Immigration Law Staff and Attorneys: Crystal Betances (Legal Assistant) ; Lillian Mao (Office Manager) ; Justin Fok (Lead Attorney) ; Joe Cowan (Legal Assistant) ; Xinwei Zhao (Attorney-At-Law) ;

We Like You

Once engaged, you can call us anytime as if we were your in-house counsel. We don’t charge you by the minute to talk to us.  We like talking to you. Seriously.

You Are Not A Template

We don’t just fill in blanks on a template for your case. We customize each solution to best fit our clients and their unique situations.

We Are Immigration Warriors

We go to battle for our clients. We have fought for our clients through insanely difficult situations and won. Let us fight for you too.

We Keep It Real

We are brutally honest. We won’t sugar-coat the situation or give false hope so you hire us – just the straight truth so you can make the best decision for you.

Give us a call. You will see the difference after your first conversation with us.

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