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About The Naturalization/Citizenship Process

After you have lived and worked in the U.S. for five years – or three years if you are married to a U.S. citizen – you may qualify to apply for U.S. citizenship. To prepare for naturalization, you will need to meet the requirements for filing an N-400 application. Our law firm is here to ensure that your application is as complete and accurate as it can be.

Sometimes clients might be U.S. Citizens and they need help proving that they are or, someone might need help checking to see if they might actually be a U.S. Citizen based on past family immigration. Whatever your inquiry regarding citizenship is, we are happy to consult with you and give you a free case evaluation for any of the citizenship case types below:

  • N-400 Application for Naturalization
  • N-565 Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate
  • N-600 Application for Certificate of Naturalization

From Our Immigration Law Offices, We Are Available To Advise Applicants For Citizenship

We offer free initial case evaluation. We also welcome you to our San Jose or San Mateo immigration law offices. To schedule an appointment, call 408-606-8911 or complete our simple online inquiry form. We hope to hear from you soon.