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Welcome to San Mateo. As the immigration law firm of choice for the residents of San Mateo, we are happy to provide some interesting background summaries about your choice of city to immigrate to.

San Mateo was established in 1894. It’s estimated population as of 2018, was around 105,025.  Of that population about 66.8% make up the civilian labor force. As of 2018, the median income in San Mateo was $115,167 and as of 2012,  there were 10,835 firms operating out of San Mateo.



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Attractions in San Mateo, CA

First on our list of attractions in San Mateo is the Hillsdale Shopping Center. This shopping center was recently partially renovated. It now has outdoor and indoor sections. Along with the renovations,  a new movie theater and bowling alley were added. Cinepolis is a luxury movie theater that also provides in-theater dining. All seats in the theater have a button to call for a waiter to take orders and deliver to your seat. There is no need to wait in lines or get to the movie extra early to buy snacks. Pinstripes is the bowling alley and it includes a combined bocce ball court and bistro. You can spend time playing bocce with family and friends and then sit down and eat some dinner. Then go get in your lane in the bowling alley and further enjoy yourself.

Next is the Japanese Gardens located in San Mateo Central Park. The city purchased this property in 1922 and the garden is one of the highlights of the park. This garden was designed by Nagao Sakurai of the Imperial Palace of Tokyo, which features a granite pagoda, tea house, koi pond and bamboo grove. This attraction is beautiful all year round, but if you go in the late winter and early spring, you will see the cherry blossoms bloom.

Another place to go is the downtown San Mateo area. Along with Central Park there is a Century 12 Theatre, and is also a great area to enjoy the nightlife. There are multiple restaurants, dessert specialty places, and bars to sample in this area. There are plenty of options to spend time with friends and loved ones and enjoy the night.


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San Mateo, Ca received 1,507 H-1B visas this last fiscal year. The vast number  of job opportunities, and a median household income of $115,167 dollars in Fremont makes it a prime spot for people to move to and pursue their dreams. Here at Fok Immigration Law we help immigrants achieve this dream by making sure you are safe and capture your professional career path. We specialize in all immigration law and possess a combined total of decades of experience. We make sure to have open 24/7 communication with you to determine the visa you need. As well, we check in regularly with our clients to keep them informed about the progress we have made. All of our attorneys are multilingual and can assist with any communication difficulties.


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We have opened our doors to the people of San Mateo, CA with the goals of helping attract and retain skilled foreign labor, and assisting  those who wish to reunite with their family members. We help with all immigration law firm services, whether it’s working visas, green cards, or pre-immigration tax planning. Our immigration attorneys are available to you. Check out the new 2020 H1-B1 updates or contact us today for a free consultation.