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I-485 Form: Registering For Permanent Residence

The I-485 form is an application to register for permanent residence or to adjust your status. This means obtaining a green card for permanent legal residency. So that you do not need to return to your home country if you are in the United States. The I-485 form is one of the required steps to become a legal citizen.

I-485 Form Answers To Common Questions

Why does it take so long to get my employment green card?

Not everyone who wants a green card can get one immediately. There are 140,000 employment opportunities given each year. How long you need to wait depends on the supply and demand for your card. As well as, your priority date and the country your visa gets charged to. Typically, the country that is charged is the one where you were born.

Do I use the I-485 form report or the country specific reports?

All applicants can use the pending Form I-485 report to determine their place in the visa’s line. Depending on your country there might be so many applicants that it is “oversubscribed”. However, other countries might not have as many people making it more accessible for them to obtain high priority. Applicants of an oversubscribed country may want to refer to the report for their specific country of chargeability to determine where they stand in line with other applicants from other countries.

What information do I need to have before using the pending Form I-485 inventory reports?

All you need to know is your priority date and your preference category to use the pending Form I-485 inventory reports.

Is there a way to know when I will get my visa?

Unfortunately, they cannot determine how long it will take to get a visa. The USCIS tries to update all data every quarter to keep people as up to date as possible.

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