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Welcome to Palo Alto. As the immigration lawyer of choice for the residents of Palo Alto, we are happy to provide some interesting background summaries about the city you have chosen to immigrate to.

Palo Alto was established in 1894. It’s 2019 population estimate is approximately 66,666.  Of that population about 68% make up the civilian labor force. As of 2018, the median income in Palo Alto was $157,120 and as of 2017, there were 9,483 firms operating out of Palo Alto.


Seal of City of Palo Alto, CA
Seal of City of Palo Alto, CA


Flag of City of Palo Alto, CA
Flag of City of Palo Alto, CA


Map of Palo Alto, CA Map Location
City of Palo Alto, CA Map Location


Situated in the middle of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto has some of the biggest companies in the area. Hewlett-Packared, Space Systems/Loral, Tesla, Skype, Apple, Google, Facebook, Logitech, Intuit, Pinterest, and PayPal all have a presence here. Palo Alto has one of the most famous colleges and hospitals in the U.S. in Stanford University. Stanford hospital is world-renowned for its cardiovascular medicine, cardio thoracic surgery, organ transplantation, neurology, neuro surgery and cancer medicine. In 2017, it was ranked by U.S News & World Report as the 9th best hospital in the United States. Stanford University opened in 1981. It is considered one of the most prestigious college universities for academics, and athletics and boasts the nickname of the “Harvard of the 21st century”.


Stanford University Palo Alto, CA
Stanford University Seal


Attractions in Palo Alto, CA

Stanford University is very vast and welcomes people to walk around and view some of the landmarks on the campus. Some places to see here besides the theater shows and sporting events are: The Stanford Memorial Church, Hoover Tower, The Dish, the Cantor Arts Museum, and the Stanford Quad.

Another tourist attraction is the Stanford Shopping Center. This is an outdoor mall with a plethora of shops. In our typically great weather this is a great place to walk around, shop and enjoy the day.

Lastly, if you have some extra cash and want to have a unique experience try the Silicon Valley Tour for Technology Lovers with Tesla. You get to have a 2020 self-driving Tesla as your tour guide that takes you on a tour of the nearby areas of The Silicon Valley. You will be able to visit Steve Job’s original Apple Garage, walk outside the Google Campus and see the Google Plex buildings. The tour also covers the Google Android Garden, and the Google and Facebook headquarters. You can even take a picture with the Facebook like sign, and learn about the Silicon Valley startup culture. If you’re looking for nightlife and good food, try walking down University Avenue.

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In terms of receiving work visas for immigrant employees, Palo Alto last year was the 24th highest in U.S. Last year  it received a total of 6,375 visas, with an average salary of $142,692 dollars. In other words, the vast number of job opportunities and the median household income of $157,120 dollars make Palo Alto a prime spot for people to move to and pursue their dreams. Here at Fok Immigration Law we help immigrants achieve this dream. We ensure you are safe, and can pursue your professional career path.

Our firm specialize in all immigration law and our multilingual legal team has a  combined total of decades of experience. We ensure open 24/7 communication with you to help find out what visa you need. As well as, we check in regularly with our clients to keep them informed of the progress being made.

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We keep our doors open to the people of Palo Alto, CA with a focused goal of helping attract and retain skilled foreign labor and to assist those who wish to reunite with their family members.Whether it’s working visas, green cards, or pre-immigration tax planning, we can help with all immigration lawyer services. . Our immigration attorneys are available to you. Check out the new 2020 H1-B1 updates or contact us today for a free consultation.