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Welcome to Santa Clara. As your immigration law firm of choice in  Santa Clara, we are happy to provide some interesting background summaries about the city you are choosing to immigrate to. Santa Clara was established in 1,852. It’s population estimate, as of 2019, was around 130,000.  Of that population about 68% make up the civilian labor force. As of 2018, the median income in Santa Clara was $116,000 and as of 2012 there were approximately 11,000 firms operating out of Santa Clara.



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Santa Clara was originally constructed as a location for the Mission of Santa Clara de Asis, which was the eighth of the 21 California based missions. The mission  is a true California historical landmark on the campus of Santa Clara University. As it is located in the Silicon Valley, Santa Clara hosts some of the largest companies in the area. Including Intel, Rovi, Nvidia, Sun Microsystems, and Applied Materials to name a few. And of course, it is also home to the 49ers, one of America’s top football teams and a 2020 Super Bowl finalist.

Things of interest to see and do in Santa Clara are plentiful. One of the best known attractions is California’s Great America, an amusement park originally opened in 1976. This park is a great location for families to hang out and enjoy the day together. It is also renowned for its Halloween Haunt. If you are looking for a controlled but scary night on Halloween, this is the place to go.  Another location of interest is Levi Stadium. It hosts the 49er football team, but is also home to concerts, events and other sport exhibition matches. Lastly, Santa Clara, is a cultural melting pot that boasts numerous great restaurants located all around the area. You can just drive down the street in any direction and find a new place with good food and possibly your family’s favorite new “go to” spot.

Almost 655,000 immigrants live in this highly prosperous city. It provides numerous opportunities for you to pursue a good career path. In terms of receiving work visas for immigrant employees, Santa Clara last year was the 17th highest in U.S.  6,375 visas were awarded to immigrants to Santa Clara, with an average salary of $125,616 dollars.


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Since 2000, immigrants arriving in the U.S. have had to deal with an English barrier. 54 % of immigrants that arrive in the U.S. cannot speak English well, or do not speak it at all. This number has been increasing over the past two decades. Not just that, but most immigrants are typically over skilled for their jobs. Including 33% of Latino immigrants and 13% of Asian/Pacific Islanders. The U.S. average for over skilled workers is 7%.

With the vast amount of job opportunities, and a median household income of $116,178 dollars, Santa Clara, CA is a prime spot for people to move to and pursue their dreams. Here at Fok Immigration Law we help immigrants achieve this dream by ensuring you are safe and can pursue your professional career path. We specialize in all immigration law and our team possesses decades of combined experience. We ensure open 24/7 communication with you to determine what visa you need. As well we check in regularly with our clients to keep them informed about the progress we’ve made. All of our attorneys are multilingual and can easily assist you with navigating the immigration system, no matter what language you speak.


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We have opened our doors to the people of Santa Clara, CA. With the  goal of helping attract and retain skilled foreign labor and assisting those who wish to reunite with their family members. Whether it’s working visas, green cards, or pre-immigration tax planning, we can help you with all immigration law firm services.  Our immigration attorneys are available to you right now. Check out the new 2020 H1-B1 updates or contact us today for a free consultation.