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Welcome to San Francisco. As the immigration law firm of choice for the residents of San Francisco, we are happy to provide some interesting background summaries about your choice of city to immigrate to.

San Francisco was established in 1766. It’s population estimates as of 2018, was around 883,305.  Of that population about 70.7% make up the civilian labor force. As of 2018 the median income in San Francisco was $104,552 and as of 2012 there were 116,803 firms operating out of San Francisco.


Attractions in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a national hub for tourism. With that comes a plethora of attractions for you to go to and see. First of course is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. This bridge is a one mile straight suspension bridge connecting San Francisco to Marin County. It is recognized around the world as the symbol of San Francisco. It is considered one of the Wonders of the Modern World. You are even able to walk across the bridge to see it up close and personal, you can also see the whole bay side of San Francisco as you walk across the bridge.

Second, and just as infamous is Alcatraz Island. This island is located 1.25 miles offshore from San Francisco. Originally created to be a lighthouse, then became military fortified, then a military prison, and then a federal prison from 1934 to 1963. Due to strong currents it is nearly impossible to escape this prison. This prison held some famous criminals like Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, and Robert “Birdman” Stroud. Nowadays this historic landmark now flocks tourists to see the grounds and learn about its history. We strongly recommend reserving tickets due to high demand. There is also a special overnight tour that is possible, but you need to book these tickets far in advance.

With so much history, art, and culture living in this city there is more than enough to explore. If you want to be in nature try Muir Woods National Park, Sutro Baths, or Lands End Lookout. To check out some tourist attractions with larger crowds, and souvenirs, try Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square, or Chinatown. Taking a trip where you want to go see museums, try The Palace Of Fine Arts, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Exploratorium.


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San Francisco, Ca this year received the 2nd most H1B visas for their immigrant employees, at 19,769 visas with an average salary of $135,091 dollars. Knowing the vast amount of job opportunities, and the knowledge that a median household income of $104,552 dollars in San Francisco makes it a prime spot for people to move to and pursue their dreams. Here at Fok Immigration Law we help immigrants achieve this dream, by making sure you are safe and capture your professional career path. We specialize in all immigration law with over a combined total of decades of experience. We make sure to have open 24/7 communication with you to help find out what visa is needed as well as checking in with clients keeping them informed with the progress being made. All of our attorneys are multilingual as well to help with any communication difficulties.


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We have open doors to the people of San Francisco, CA with the one goal of helping attract and retain skilled foreign labor, and assisting those who wish to reunite with their family members. We help with all immigration law firm services. Whether it’s working visas, green cards, or pre-immigration tax planning. Our immigration attorneys will with no doubt be available to you. Check out the new 2020 H1-B1 updates or contact us today for a free consultation.