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Rapid H1B Approvals from the 2019 Cap

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On May 7, 2018 our office received the first H1B approval for the 2019 cap. Since that time, we have received numerous approvals for the H1B’s that were submitted on April 1, 2018. While we have only received approvals for a portion of the cases we have submitted, we are delighted to see how quickly … Continue reading

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Can a Small Start-up Sponsor an H-1B? Strategies for H-1B Approvals for Start-ups

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With H-1B season fast approaching, we are beginning to receive inquiries from small start-ups asking if they can qualify as H-1B sponsors for their employees. The short answer is “Yes,” with the caveat that a start-up-based H-1B case has additional issues to consider when compared to an H-1B case for a larger, more established company. … Continue reading

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