Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Bay area immigration law firm, Fok Immigration Law practice areas, San Jose CA

Fok Immigration Law is a bay area immigration law firm that has the comprehensive, real-world experience to successfully represent our clients with their immigration needs.

Through an in-depth understanding of how to navigate the complicated U.S. Immigration system, we are able to create a customized solution for each and every client. In addition, we have tackled the most complex immigration cases with a high probability of success borne from real-world experience and a genuine understanding of client needs.

We focus on the following immigration practice areas:

Nonimmigrant (Temporary) Status and Visas

Permanent Residence and Immigrant Visas

Naturalization (Citizenship)

  • N-400 – Citizenship Applications
  • N-400 – Naturalization Interview Preparation

Federal Immigration Litigation

  • Delayed I-485 Writ of Mandamus
  • Delayed N-400 1447(b) actions
  • Citizenship Writ of Mandamus Delay

In conclusion, as your bay area immigration law firm of choice we can help you with all immigration services. Therefore, we ensure open 24/7 communication to discover the exact visa suited to your needs. As well as, checking in with you regularly to keep you informed on the progress of your application. However, if you have any other questions regarding our service. Don’t hesitate to contact us.